Energy Certificate Information- 7 Questions

It is imperative that you have the energy certificate ready if you wish to sell or rent your home.  Nduni Property Portfolio & Management offer this service so do contact us and we can have it to you in about a week.

Energy Performance Certificate, 7 questions

An Energy Performance Certificate is compulsory from the moment a new or existing property is commercially advertised for sale or rent, directly by the owner or by a real estate agent. This document which attests to the energy grading has to be produced whenever a purchase/sale contract, leasing or rental contract takes place.

What is an energy performance certificate?

It’s a document that evaluates the energy efficiency of the property using a scale from A+(very efficient) to G(poor efficiency), issued by authorised technicians of ADENE(government energy agency). It contains information about characteristics of energy consumption relating to heating of sanitation water. It indicates measures such as the installation of double glazed windows or reinforced insulation amongst others for helping to reduce energy consumption. The document is valid for a period of 10 years.


What determines the class of energy?

The location of the property, the year of construction, if it is a building or a home, which floor the property is on and the floor area. The construction materials used for walls, floors, roof, and windows. Finally, the equipment relating to acclimatization (ventilation, heating and air conditioning) as well as producing the heating water for bathing.


How to apply?

Get in touch with us by phone +351 21 486 7767 or by email. We will proceed with the application for the certificate once we have all the necessary documents. Once the property has been visited and assessed, the qualified expert will insert the calculated evaluation into the National Energy Certificate and the Quality of the Internal Air in the Buildings.


What are the costs?

The costs for the registration and issue of the certificates for a home vary between €135 (Studio to 1 Bedroom) to €165 (more than 6 bedrooms), plus VAT. In the case of commercial and service buildings, it oscillates between €150 (area in use up to 250 m2) to €950 (more than 5000 m2), plus VAT. Add to this value the amount payable to the qualified expert, which is not included. It is advisable to compare prices. Fees can vary substantially depending on the technician, type of property and location.

You could be exempt from taxes in the case of the building already possessing an energy certificate and being in compliance with the indicated stipulations. For this to happen you need to comply with 3 conditions: the original certificate must be less than 10 years old (validation period), the measures taken having improved the energy grade and after its implementation the building obtaining a minimum rating of B-.

How long does it take?

Given that the experts have to handle all aspects of the process, it could take 2 to 3 days and should take not more than a week.

What documents are required?

A copy of the floor plans, “caderneta predial urbana” (which can be printed from the finance portal), “certidão de registo” (available from the “conservatoria”), and habitation license (or other documents with technical specifications of materials used)

How much are the fines?

Individuals in breach are subject to a fine of between 250 and 3740 euros, whereas companies/businesses can be fined between 2500 and 44890 euros.

Contact Nduni today and order your energy certificate – +351 21 486 7767


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