Portugal, just not as you know it!

Thousands are flocking to Lisbon as the cultural Capital takes off… Invest in the Portugal and get your own little piece.

When most outsiders think of Portugal, they are most likely to be thinking of the sandy beaches of the Algarve, the Albufeira strip of international pubs or resorts offering various package holidays for those seeking a relatively cheap 7 day break in the sun. It’s fair to say that over the past 20 years Portuguese tourism and people’s perception of the country has been focussed on the south and its ‘Costa del Sol’ atmosphere but if you focus your eye a little further north, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

The Lisbon-Estoril Coast is perhaps one of Europe’s best kept secrets and its unique fine sandy beaches, which are arguably the most beautiful in Portugal, remain a little known fact.

Not only does the capital Lisbon and its cosmopolitan suburbs offer the perfect environment for holiday relaxation on the Atlantic Coast, the area has recently been coined the Mecca of Europe by the French Le Parisien’ Magazine in Paris.

The capital and its unfurling coastline radiate the faded grandeur of its yesteryear and combined with its ever increasing presence as a European hotspot, its various cultural and artistic heritage scenes are taking off.  That coupled with a mild ‘all-year-around climate’ and an increasing number of low cost flights into Lisbon airport (as our tourism grows year on year and 12% in 2014), Portugal is beginning to attract large amounts of foreign investment.

But that’s not all!

It is one of the cheapest places to live in Western Europe and it is still possible to snap up a luxury property for a song.  As the day’s warm winter sunshine fades into a golden sunset and the capital becomes a hip buzz as the late-night capital of Europe, the beaches are not the only things going gold… check out the Portuguese Golden Visa Programme.  It’s a gateway for South Africans and people from other countries to gain permanent residence in the Schengen zone when investing in a property in Portugal and we are placed to advise you on the legal paperwork and help you get up and running.

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Property Investment in Portugal

Portugal- The Golden Gateway to Europe

Golden Visa Program & Fast track to Residency Permits

The Golden Visa scheme introduced by the Portuguese Government has taken off over the past year bringing with it a series of investors ready to splurge in return for a fully valid residency permit in Portugal and a Visa to the majority of the European Union.

The simplicity of the system and the benefits of the program has been a huge attraction to the Chinese community now buying up most of the Luxury property on the Lisbon Coast but other nationalities are not far behind. For a flat investment of 500,000 Euros an investor can buy access to Europe and the best part is that they merely have to spend 7 days a year in Portugal… Just enough time to sign on the dotted line for a new house!

The attractive scheme is being snapped up by non- EU residents, for more information on ways to invest click here


The legal requirements are as follows….

Property Investments

Minimum investment of € 500,000

One or multiple properties

All property types qualify

Possibility of co-ownership

Freedom to use, rent or lease



Capital Investments

Minimum investment of € 1 million

Transfer of new funds to Portugal

Funds transferred to a bank in Portugal

Freedom to invest the funds

Investment in company share possible


Job Creation

Creation of a minimum of 10 jobs

No minimum investment value

No limitation on areas/activities

Compliance with Social Security obligations

General Requirements for all Investments

General Requirements

Investment maintained for a minimum period of 5 years

Funds for investment should come from abroad

Residency application only approved after investment

Entry in Portugal with a valid Schengen visa

Absence of flags in Portuguese Immigration and Schengen services

Absence of conviction of relevant crime

Possibility of grants/incentives/benefits